In a flash, countless swords fell against the Fright Rider who had just rushed in, but what everyone never thought of was that the broken sword in the past was now split on the Fright Rider, and doing more just made the knight on the back of Hercules Ant shake for a while, and they didn't know what material the armor on these knights was made of, and the general weapons couldn't hurt them at all. When the enemy's sword split the body, the fright rider also moved the attack at the same time, in the hands of the pike stab, pick, split, sweep, open and close, constantly someone was killed by the fright rider under the gun. Of course, at this time the knights under the seat of the Hercules ants are not idle, the carapace is not as good as the knife cut to encourage the fierce of these ants, under the sharp double pincers open and close, the enemy within two steps ahead, whether it is a master of heaven or the strength of the ground level, unexpectedly no one can block the edge of the double pincers, weapons were cut off by the double The body was immediately stabbed by the pike in the knight's hand, or was instantly swung into several pieces by other powerful ants. Even worse,316l stainless steel pipe, some people were hit or trampled into a pulp by the powerful ant before they even made a move. In short, the place where they rode was full of the screams of the enemy on the verge of death, and the blood sprayed with scarlet was everywhere. My God! How can there be such a terrible army! Face to face down, the seven schools fell in fright ride under the heel of no less than five thousand people, and fright ride is no injury, even if there are individual injuries, is also by some hidden day level master shock injury,321 stainless steel sheet, but these sneak attack day level master is not spared, all in the Hercules ant under the double clamp, straight to see all people are frightened. Thick flavor has been a lot of people are frightened, everyone has seen the tough and terror of the fright ride, then see the fright ride to rush, all people are hurriedly avoid, for fear of becoming the next target of the fright. Then, behind the five legions under the command of Yanyun quickly close to the enemy. Seeing that a large number of troops were approaching, some of the top seven schools took off one after another to attack the soldiers with the advantage of their ability to fly. As soon as he saw this, Yu Shikun was in a great hurry. He had seen the power of the purple and golden arrows of the Bloody Evil Legion. If these heavenly masters did this, they would undoubtedly make themselves faster. He immediately shouted: "Don't fly to the sky. Everyone comes down!"! Danger Danger? Shit, it's not dangerous to stay on the ground and get slaughtered? When these masters in the sky heard Yu Shikun shouting like this, they all felt a little strange. At the moment when they hesitated, they had already aimed at the sun-shooting soldiers in front of them. Under the command of Mu Jiuzhou, they quickly aimed at the people flying from the sky. Seeing the crossbows in the hands of the soldiers pointing to themselves one after another, x56 line pipe ,316 stainless steel plate, all the heavenly masters in the sky immediately felt amused. It turned out that Elder Yu was worried about these people! Hum! How can the crossbows in the hands of these people hurt us with their own heavenly cultivation? On second thought, these self-righteous heavenly masters carried their own body-protecting True Qi one after another. In their minds, they now have body-protecting True Qi. It should be foolproof! Perhaps want to let oneself a little faster, at this time all the people in the sky actually abandoned the others, even all swept to the sun shooting soldiers below. Idiot! These bastards! Seeing that all the people in the air did not listen to their advice and took the initiative to send it, it was too late to stop it now, and Yu Shikun could not help cursing. Shuo, Shuo, Shuo.. In the hands of the sun-shooting soldiers, Shenji crossbows burst into white light one after another, and thousands of purple and gold arrows instantly covered the people who rushed into the air. Ah In a burst of powerful arrows piercing the human body, a large number of people in the air fell in a scream. In this moment, the purple and gold arrows of the people broke the body protection of these heavenly masters, and at the moment when the powerful arrows penetrated into the body, these arrogant guys realized that they were very wrong. But now regret has no effect, they have paid the most expensive price for their mistakes, that is, their lives! How did this happen? Isn't this an ordinary hand crossbow? How can you break the body protection True Qi of the heavenly master? At this moment, the master who was lucky enough to fly behind was tongue-tied by the scene in front of him. My God, what Yu Shikun said was true. Only then did these people understand what Yu Shikun said. Run! This is the only idea in the heart of the surviving master of heaven at this time, the whole body of Zhenyuan, all people have shot out in all directions, damn, now it is running very fast! However, under the all-out evasion of these heavenly masters, it was not easy for the following sun-shooting warriors to shoot them. Apart from hundreds of unlucky people being shot down, a large part of them succeeded in escaping back. Volume III The Great Training of the Spirit World Chapter 13 Weird Gu Yang After losing the target in the sky, the Shenji crossbow in the hands of the sun-shooting soldiers immediately aimed at the enemy on the ground again. Oh, my god! What kind of weapon is this? How did this happen? See in a twinkling of an eye, the insufferably arrogant day level master has tens of thousands of people were shot down, the ground level of these masters are scared silly, now see the opposite of the sun shooting soldiers will God machine crossbow pointed to himself, is scared liver and gallbladder are cracked. They dodged to both sides. But Zijin Arrow is not so easy to get rid of? As the white light flashed in the hands of the soldiers, a large number of purple and gold arrows struck in a flash of lightning. Puff puff puff..! The sound immediately sounded densely among the seven sects, which was the unique sound of a powerful arrow shooting into the human body. It was so dense and did not stop, only to hear everyone's scalp tingling for a while. Ah Screaming constantly, Zijin arrow not only pierced their bodies in an instant, the huge impact of the arrow attached to the body, but also brought up these dead bodies to fly far away before falling to the ground. Help! In the shooting of the sun fighters, all the people can only run for their lives, but the front of nearly a hundred feet is almost all dense arrow rain, even if you are not lucky, escaped the first wave of arrow rain, but how to deal with the next arrow rain? It is true that there is no way to heaven, no way to enter the earth, in the face of the dense rain of arrows,x70 line pipe, all people have to wait for death, not watching the people around them being shot, or their own being shot.