"Beheading after autumn?"? How can this work? He was born one-eyed and mute. He was pitiful enough. He didn't provoke anyone on weekdays. How could he be beheaded after autumn? Qin Yi cried out. Lan Qiangsheng comforted him and said, "Ah Yi, don't worry. It's still unknown before the verdict. If you're not afraid of seeing the dead, you can send the wine to the flower field together later." Qin Yi said affirmatively, "I'm not afraid. I'm going to see the scene." "I want to ask, why do you seem to be familiar with this handsome brother, right?" Lan Qiangsheng asked softly. Qin Yi frowned and said sadly, "Uncle, you don't know that I, Qin Yi, have no relatives since I was a child, and I didn't have any particularly good friends when I grew up. Although I knew Chunzi and her younger brother, the boss was a strange man and forbade me to get too close to you. Later, I heard that there was a master of catching thieves in the forest farm, so I went to the flower farm to play with him. Later, I became a very good friend." The boss also knew about it. He saw that the handsome brother was just alone in the flower field, so he didn't care too much about me. So he was my only good friend. He helped me a lot and was very kind to me. Now he has an accident. Do you think I can be calm as if nothing happened? Lan Qiangsheng nodded and said, "Well, don't think too much. Boss Chen and I have some friendship. Now he has an accident in the flower field, so he comes to ask me to help him deal with it. Now I'm going to hire someone. You wait here for a while!" Finish saying, leave in a hurry immediately. When Qin Yi was in a bad mood,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, he heard a light cough outside the gate of Lan Chunzi, and then came in. Qin Yi immediately looked up and said, "Oh, Chunzi, something has happened to the handsome brother." Lan Chunzi said in a low voice, "Ah Yi, don't worry. He killed people in self-defense. He won't behead them." "How do you know about killing in self-defense?" Qin Yi seemed to see a little hope and asked in surprise. Lan Chunzi comforted him and said,24v Gear Motor, "My mother said that, because I heard that the bodies were near the wooden house in the flower field. It must be those people who wanted to harm him. He made trouble for self-defense.". It's fatal. Qin Yi nodded his head with a smile through tears and said, "That's right. Why didn't I think of that?" "Ah Yi, my mother asked me to tell you that you should be careful so as not to be involved in this case. Maybe you will be locked up until your hair turns white. That would be wrong." "Junko, I know, I'll be careful, but don't you curse me like that?" When Lan Chunzi heard this, she was a little angry and said, "I curse you. I curse that you won't come to tell you this. I have no conscience. It's a waste of my energy. Do you know that many people in the city know that you are the only friend of the one-eyed mute? You will come to find you." Qin Yi said with a frightened face, "I.." What should I do? Lan Chunzi gave him advice and said, "You'd better ask three questions, so as not to get more and more trouble." Qin Yi pondered for a moment, nodded and said, "I can only do this. Junko, thank you. I just made fun of you on purpose. Don't be angry!" Junko said coyly, Gear Reduction Motor ,Vending Machine Motor, "Forget it. I, Junko Lan, am not the kind of petty person. It's a trivial matter. You don't have to feel guilty." As soon as her beautiful big eyes touched his eyes, she blushed and moved away, with a heart like a deer, a shy and happy beauty, a girl's amorous feelings, which made people dizzy and dizzy. Qin Yi took pity on her and sat down beside her. He grabbed her under her chin with his hand and made her raise her pretty face. Then he whispered, "Junko, you and Shuai Brother are the best for me in this world. I owe you and Shuai Brother in my life. So I think you and Handsome Brother should live well. I don't want to lose any of you." Chunzi was so flustered that he broke away from Qin Yi's hand. He lowered his head and said softly, "Ah Yi, don't think about it any more. It's all right, handsome brother." Qin Yi reached out to touch her face, suddenly pulled her into his arms, hugged her waist with one hand, and kissed her on the lips. Chunzi's face was flushed. She didn't expect Qin Yi to do this to her. She was so frightened that her body trembled. "You are bold, you.." she said in a trembling voice. "Don't." Then he broke away in shame, turned around and ran out of the door. Qin Yi looked at Lan Chunzi who rushed out in a hurry, and his heart was filled with a feeling of happiness. He could not help thinking of his handsome brother who was suffering in prison, and his heart could not help being sour. Hearing Lan Chunzi's exhortation to himself, Qin Yi dared not sit swaggering at the gate, stood up and wiped the table with a rag while thinking about how to answer the inquiry. After half a ring, he suddenly heard Lan Qiangsheng calling, "Ah Yi, where are you?" Qin Yi answered, "I'm in the backyard." Say that finish, hurriedly ran to the hall, immediately saw Lan Qiangsheng and more than a dozen big men standing in the courtyard, he hurriedly asked: "Uncle, they are to carry the wine?" Lan Qiangsheng nodded and said, "Yes, but I can't find all the people for a while. Can you do me a favor?" "Uncle, boss Chen only needs three jars to sprinkle. Why do you need so many people?" Lan Qiangsheng patted him on the brain and stared at him and said, "Why are you so stupid all of a sudden? You only think about the living who want to drink. Why don't you think about the dead who want coffins?" When Qin Yi heard this, he was relieved and said, "I had to carry the coffin in batches. I thought these dozen or so people had come to carry the wine jar. It's all right. It's just that the mountain road is not easy to walk. I really have to be careful not to spill the wine." Lan Qiangsheng pointed to a middle-aged man and said, "Ah Yi, do you know this Uncle Ma?" "Yes, Uncle Ma has come to our winery for a drink. I heard that Uncle Ma has done the most good deeds!" The middle-aged man was Ma Mingzhi, the boss of Baotou in various industries in the city of Yuezhou. When he heard Qin Yi praising him, he was stunned and said, "Ah Yi, do you know a lot?" Qin Yi said with a slight smile, "I've been sitting in front of this shop for nearly ten years. Although you seldom come to the shop to show your support, at least you've sent thousands of corpses up the mountain. Isn't that a good deed?" "Ha ha," said Ma Mingzhi in a loud voice,Low Rpm Electric Motor, "this is not a good deed. I also collect wages." Qin Yi tied the rope for the wine jar and said, "Many people don't want to do this good deed even if they have more money. Uncle Ma, please check whether the hemp rope is tied firmly." 。 ichgearmotor.com